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Salon Urvija is all about the natural way. We strive to give back to Mother Nature and our fellow human beings in our own modest way. Our products and therapies, based in ayurveda, are organic, chemical-free and sustainable, rejuvenating you inside and out for beauty that is based in glowing health.


At Salon Urvija, we strive to bring about a great change with the help of your patronage which has the power to provide a sustainable livelihood to under privileged groups in rural Bengal.


The Urvija Story

What links a forest in Borneo to a buzzing town in Hooghly district? What connects the flora and fauna in a tropical Indonesian island to empowered women in suburban Bengal? The answer lies in the bar of Urvija Lemon and Mint cleanser, or the Sandalwood Cream container that you might be holding right now. When you buy and use an Urvija product, one one hand you take a stand against cruelty, and on the other, you empower the traditionally underprivileged.

The indiscriminate use of palm oil in soap and other wellness products has taken a terrible toll on forests of palm trees in several parts of the world, and specifically the Borneo woods, where forests have been cut down ruthlessly to further selfish interests. Not only have plants suffered from this rampant deforestation, but the Orangutans for whom these woods are a natural habitat, have been rendered homeless by the thousands. Our response to this dystopian scenario, that of an entire ecosystem being ravaged, is bold and direct: reject ingredients which hurt Mother Nature in any form, and palm oil in particular. Thus, at Urvija, we present you with a choice of becoming responsible for the environment, and, of course, also for yourself! Chemical preservatives (parabens) as well as artificial foaming and firming agents cause significant harm to the body, whether you are a woman or a man. By excluding such ingredients, Urvija enhances your wellness both on the inside and the outside.

One of our key endeavors is the empowerment of underprivileged women via employment generation. Woven in the lives of Atashi and Shipra and many others like them, who work for us, is Urvija. By working closely with local farmers and essential oil distillers, we also seek to contribute to the local economy.
We strive with all our capacity to give back to Mother Earth and to our fellow human beings in our own modest way. Our cleanser bars and creams and gels are fortified with the awareness of the compassionate individual inspired by the ancient shloka `Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the entire world is our family) and the realization of the interdependence of all life. That the petals of marigold, extracts of lime, aloe vera and turmeric are grown in our house garden, and that the packaging of our products is done by the lovely and joyous children at Uttarayan, an institution that we run to serve the specially abled, are facts that you may just want to know.



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Spread over two floors, our beautiful spa offer a soothing environment in which you can rest, relax and feel competely rejuvenated

Sreela Pillai Roy

Sreela Pillai Roy

Environment crusader and the force behind Urvija. Gave up her high flying career in banking to follow her heart and her passion.
Sreya Sen

Sreya Sen

Partner in crime. Has moved from training corporates to advising people on sustainable wellness and beauty.
Dr. Jayasri Sarkar

Dr. Jayasri Sarkar

PhD Biochemistry - passionate about researching & creating authentic ayurvedic products, importantly with ingredients which can be sustainably sourced without harming the environment.

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