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Bridal Package

Bridal Package

Urvija Princess Blush

Salon Urvija’s Princess Blush Package will have you looking like a princess before your big day, just like you always wanted. This package comprises of a Bridal Facial, Classic Manicure, Classic Pedicure, Hibiscus Therapy, Face and Neck De-Tan and Full Body Chocolate Waxing, all of which is done in one sitting. This package takes rejuvenates hair and skin, leaving you gleaming on your wedding day. Purchase of the package also comes with a complimentary Under-Eye Treatment and Threading, leaving you completely free of unwanted hair as well.

Price: Rs. 6000


Urvija Soul Sister & Mother

Created especially for those of you that want a little something special for your wedding prep, the Soul Sister & Mother Package is comprised of a small specially selected list of premium treatments that appeal to your finer sensibilities. The package starts off with a Gold Facial, followed by Crystal Hand Spa, Crystal Foot Spa. Taking care of that, it also comprises of a Root Touch Up, Hair Spa and Full Body Creme Wax all done in one sitting. The package comes with a Face and Neck De-Tan and Threading completely free of charge, making sure to leave no stone unturned to make you look good.

Price: Rs. 6000


Urvija Runaway Bride

One of Salon Urvija’s basic packages that makes sure to leave you feeling great from head to toe, our Runaway Bride Package has everything you need for your pre-wedding beauty ritual. Comprising of a Full Body Creme Waxing and a Body Polish alongside a Crystal Hand Spa and a Crystal Foot Spa, this package takes care of your whole body in one sitting. It also does wonders for the hair with an Aragon Oil Hair Spa in the same sitting. Add all of that to the complimentary Face & Neck De-Tan and Threading and you’re wedding day ready.

Price: Rs. 9000


Urvija Serene Beauty

The first package in our luxury range of bridal beauty packages, Urvija Serene Beauty is a compact one sitting package that takes care of all your bridal needs in a day. Comprising of a Bridal Facial, Crystal Hand Spa, Crystal Foot Spa, Keratin Hair Spa, Full Body Creme Waxing, Body Polish and Under-Eye Treatment, this package takes care of face, hair and body with the best treatments. A Face and Neck De-Tan and Threading comes complimentary with the above services, making sure that every aspect of your beauty is attended to.

Price: Rs. 10,000


Urvija Dazzling Diva

Salon Urvija’s Dazzling Diva bridal package is fit for a true diva. Carried out in two sittings and including two premium complimentary services, this package of treatments starts off with an Urvija Facial, Classic Manicure, Classic Pedicure and Under-Eye Treatment. The second sitting then comprises of a Bridal Facial, Full Body Rica Wax, Urvija Manicure, Urvija Pedicure, Mythic Oil Hair Spa and Face, Neck and Blouseline De-Tan. All of that is not including the complimentary Threading and Under-Eye Treatment.

Price: Rs. 12,000


Urvija Charming Goddess 

Salon Urvija’s most thorough luxury bridal package, Charming Goddess is fit for an actual goddess. Consisting of two sittings and a range of complimentary services, this package will tend to every beauty need that you ever wanted to address and more. The therapies in this package start off with a Bridal Facial, Urvija Manicure, Urvija Pedicure, Under-Eye Treatment and Body Polish. Then it is followed by the second sitting which is supposed to finally get you wedding ready with a Bridal Facial, Full Body Creme Wax, Crystal Hand Spa, Crystal Foot Spa, Keratin Hair Spa and a final Body Polish. To top it off, the package also includes some premium complimentary services such as a Threading session for each of the sittings, Face, Neck and Blouseline De-Tan and Under-Eye Treatment, all cut out to get you gleaming and glowing for your special day.

Price: Rs. 18,000



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