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Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet


Urvija Pedicure

Free from sulphates, synthetic fragrances, artificial scrub granules and bleaching agents, Urvija’s Pedicure kit, steeped in natural goodness, is what your feet, your tireless companions in the walk of life, deserve today. Why wait then? Pamper them with a holistic treatment at our salon. Healing natural ingredients in our foot scrub, pack and massage cream will restore the moisture and softness of your feet and gently remove the wear and tear of years. We guarantee that your feet will bring you back to us again.


Urvija Manicure

It is time to attend to your precious hands, those twin wonders of evolution. Step into our salon to nurture them lovingly with our manicure, fully devoid of toxic sulphates and artificial products. Allow the vegetable wax, soft glycerine and organic jasmine oil in our pack to remove scars and wrinkles. Experience Nirvana in a long and soothing massage with our massage cream as grape oil, peach leaf extract and vanilla oil work in tandem to rejuvenate your hands, endowing them with the gentle texture of youth and enhancing your loving caress!

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